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We understand some people have concerns about their information on their laptop. If you wish to remove the laptop harddisk drive, please follow this guide:

A laptop hard drive is usually easy to remove or install.The process requires nothing more than a set of jewelers screwdrivers, a well-lit workspace, and a users manual.

Before doing anything else, unplug the laptop and remove the battery to avoid potential damage to the motherboard (and yourself). Turn the laptop upside down and look for a removable panel or a hard drive release mechanism. Laptop drives are usually accessible from the bottom or side of the chassis. Typically, you release the drive by flicking a lock/unlock button and/or removing a screw that holds the drive in place.

If you´re unsure how to physically remove the drive, refer to your users manual or visit the vendors Web site for detailed instructions. Also, check out Web-based user forums for discussions about your brand of laptop. Message boards often hold a wealth of firsthand reports.

Once the old drive has been removed from the chassis, you may have to extract it from a caddy or detach a set of mounting rails from its sides. If so, attach the rails or caddy to the new drive right away to keep the screws and washers from getting lost. If a connector is attached to the old drives signal pins, remove it and snap it onto the new drive. If you feel resistance, do not force it; you may have it upside down. Damaging the signal pins may render the drive useless.

If this goes over your head a bit, we promise a non intrusive service, we do not at the contents on your laptop, we merely repair your screen.

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