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Laptop Motherboard Repair Ireland

Modern laptops are complex devices and motherboard failures are a common occurrence. Many motherboard problems are fixable, despite what some repair shops might say.

In order to fix laptop motherboards repair shops must invest in expensive equipment and often the low volume of this type of repair makes the purchase uneconomical.

We have invested in the equipment and offer motherboard repairs Ireland-wide through our collect and return service.

Common Motherboard Problems are indicated by

No display, but power lights on (Mainly graphics card failure)
No display but laptop seems to sound like its powered up.
Distorted display.
Laptop turns on for a few seconds and shuts down. (Fan may or may not spin)
Nothing at all happening when powered on.

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The cause of these problems is normally onboard chips, which overheat and fail. The Nvidia graphics card chips, which are very common in laptops; are prone to failure. The chips are attached to the motherboards using a BGA (Ball Grid Array), which connect to the board underneath the chip.

Normal laptop repair equipment cannot remove these chips. We however have the correct equipment and can solve these board problems 80% to 85% of the time. We can repair these chips; often by reballing them, essentially repairing the solder contacts.

We can also fix Northbridge and Southbridge chip problems.

If you have been told your laptop is beyond economic repair due to a failed graphics card or other board issue. Contact us and we should be able to fix your machine for less than the price of a new motherboard.

We offer this service direct to end-users and to laptop repair centres at discounted trade rates.

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Motherboard Repairs start at €75.00