Laptop DC Jack Repair (Power Connector Repair)


Laptop Screen Replacement also offer a nationwide collect and return service for DC Jack repairs

The little connector on your laptop where your charger goes is probably one of the most troublesome part of laptop. Often the charger cable get snagged and strains the jack to breaking point. Most motherboards arent built to take any pressure at all and then snap!

If your laptop wont turn on but the charger is working, or you have to fiddle the head of the charger to power the machine you need the jack repaired.

Some repair shops will say buy a new laptop; but this little problem is easily fixed by us. We collect your laptop using DPD and strip it down, repair or replace the part and reinforce the connector and then ship the laptop back to you.

As we not only repair but also reinforce the dc jack; this problem is not likely raise its head again.

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