Screen Broken?

Dropped, Knocked, Kicked, Thrown

This is the most common reason for a new laptop screen. Normally its quite apparent that the screen is damaged. The screen is either shattered, or it looks like dye has leaked and is trapped between the layers of the screen. - Solution: New Screen

Pixel Problems

Many times pixels will be damaged on your laptop making your screen very difficult to read and use. Your laptop uses LCD (liquid crystal display) to show images, these images are made from thousands of pixels (little dots). If a few pixels in one area are damaged, this can ruin your entire computing experience. Solution: New Screen

Laptop Screens with Faint Images

Laptop screens are back lit to improve visibility of your screen. However, sometimes the back light does not work making your screen extremely difficult to read. Solution: New Screen

Your laptop Screen Flickers or is a Solid White Color

If your laptop screen flickers on and off, the cause is probably due to an inverter problem. The inverter supplies power to the screen's backlight. If your laptop screen is a solid white color, then the problem is possibly a bad cable connection between the monitor and the system board. Solution: New Screen, or new invertor, or new cabling.

Images on Screen are Jumbled

Many times laptop users will see images that are all jumbled. In most cases this is not due to the screen itself, but possibly the video card. One quick way to determine whether or not it is your monitor that is causing the screen to be jumbled is to connect another monitor to your laptop using the VGA port.

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