Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is my laptop safe to be sent through a courier network?

Yes. We use DPD ( for both collections and deliveries as their service is guaranteed next day and is very secure. They havent lost a laptop yet, but if they do you are fully insured and will be able to buy a new laptop to replace your old one.

We provide instructions of how to pack your laptop after you submit your quote request, and on the return journey its heavily insulated with bubble wrap. Its worth bearing in mind that laptops have travelled from the Far East, into distribution warehouses, through stock rooms and shops floors long before you ever see them.

The screen is the most delicate part of the machine and since its already broken, there isnt much to worry about! For an extra charge we can send out a special padded box and all you need to do is drop your laptop into it when the courier arrives. This is new service we offer and is quite popular with more expensive laptops.

2) How much is my laptop insured for?

You are covered for a maximum of €1200 This amount is sufficent for almost every machine on the market. For an extra charge we can increase this cover to €5000.

3) How long will it take for my laptop to be repaired?

After you request a quote we will email you with a timeline estimate. We carry a wide range of screens and normally have correct one in stock. The timeline estimate will reflect stock levels of your screen and varations on the particular machine submitted for quotation. Our typical door to door timeline is 3 days working days. This is the time from when you have your laptop collected by DPD and the time they deliver it back to you.

4) How much will it cost for my laptop to be repaired?

Again the best way to find out the cost of having your machine repaired is to fill in the quote form on the left hand panel. Rough guide pricing would go from €99 to €199 including collection, screen, fitting, testing and return.

5) What if I'm not happy with the quote I receive?

Our quotes are free of charge and our pricing is very very competitive. A quick ring a around to your local repair shops will reassure you of this. We recently did a repair for €139.99, and the customer informed us they were quoted €300.00 by a local PC repair shop.

6) What if my laptop can't be repaired?

Since we know the nature of the fault from the quote form we have a very good idea whether you machine should be booked on or not. If you machine is beyond repair a charge of €30.00 will be payable- just to cover the collection, assessment, and the return of the machine; no profit whatsoever is made from this.

7) How & when do I pay for the service?

Payment is taken following successful repair and testing and prior to return. We take payment by Visa, Mastercard, Laser, Meastro, ROI Visa, or Paypal. We also accept payment by cheque or credit transfer, with these last two methods however- payment must clear our account prior to the return of the machine.

8) Should I backup the information on my laptop?

We also deal with general PC & Laptop repairs through our retail repair centre- and its always a good idea to backup whenever you can. If you cant backup your hard drive- we can provide instructions on how to remove your laptop hard drive (this is where all your info is kept) It is a very easy process and can offer peace of mind. When we return your laptop you can reinsert the drive. Almost everybody actually sends their laptop without removing hard drive and we havent had a problem yet.

9) Will the information contained on my laptop remain confidential?

We do not require passwords for your machine and will never look at your private information.

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